Join us as we celebrate Black History Month

February is Black History Month. During this month, Americans of all backgrounds recognize and honor the contributions of African Americans in the United States. We take the time to tell the story of great achievements, triumphs, and contributions. Key figures of past and present are spotlighted and celebrated.

Our Purpose

Our foundation is rooted in the celebration of freedom and diversity.
Our commitment is to foster and support equality and personal rights of all individuals no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability. As Americans, we recognize that true equality in many of our communities has not been realized. Our commitment is to help change that by pledging 8.65% of the proceeds of Jubilee Spirits to help support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). These institutions have been a pilar for change and a staunch advocate for individual freedoms, equality, and economic freedom. Their doors have always been open to all Americans searching for a high-quality education and a sense of belonging and inclusion.

GO3 Vodka

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GO3 handcrafted vodka is distilled and blended from three harvest sources that we lovingly categorize as food for the soul. Our harvested spirit is crafted from sweet potato, corn, and russet potato. This unique fusion offers a rich blend of a sweet & full-bodied flavor profile. GO3 is also gluten-free and offers refreshing buttery notes, along with a mild hint of caramel that combine to form a super smooth and ultra-premium vodka experience.

We ship to all state except : AK,HI,MA,SD UT

Our Foundation

We are a group of ten African American individuals that are linked through college, friendship, and family. A group of diverse backgrounds and careers that range from law enforcement, education, sales, engineering, science, accounting, insurance, corporate retail, and restaurateur. We are graduates of Texas Southern University, Prairie View A&M, The University of Texas at Austin, Wiley College, University of Houston, and Cornell University. Education provided the foundation for our possibilities and independence. Our individual work is what placed us in the position to venture into entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur spirit is what lead us into the spirit business. We wanted to produce a high-end, ultra-premium vodka spirit that is produced in Houston from the highest quality ingredients. GO3 is the result of these efforts. Our goal is for GO3 to become an engine that will continually give back. We are giving back to the foudation that provided us the opportunity in the beginning.

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