GO3 Vodka wins big at the 2023 USA Spirits Ratings, taking home the top prize of Vodka of the Year, as well as Best in Show for the United States and a Gold Medal.

Handcrafted from sweet potato, corn, and russet potato, GO3 Vodka offers a unique and flavorful experience. The blend of these three ingredients creates a rich, full-bodied vodka with refreshing buttery notes and a mild hint of caramel. GO3 is also gluten-free, making it a great choice for everyone. Click here to read the full story in Forbes.

Our craft

GO3 handcrafted vodka is distilled and blended from three harvest sources that we lovingly categorize as food for the soul. Our harvested spirit is crafted from sweet potato, corn and russet potato. This unique fusion offers a rich blend of a sweet & full-bodied flavor profile. GO3 is also gluten-free and offers refreshing buttery notes, along with a mild hint of caramel that combine to form a super smooth and ultra-premium vodka experience.

GO3 vodka is proudly made in America. Our sweet yellow corn is grown by Texas farmers and is distilled in the heart of the 5th Ward of Houston, Texas. Our sweet potato is grown and distilled in rural eastern North Carolina, the sweet potato capital of the United States. Our russet potatoes are grown and distilled in the perfect climate, water and soil environment of Southeastern Idaho. All three are filtered and blended here in the urban mecca of Houston.